Entertainment Lounge

A Golf Shelter With Significant Revenue Potential

Host clinics, junior camps, and guest presentations out on the driving range.
For golf course driving ranges or independent facilities that want to stand out from the competition, explore the DryRainge Entertainment Lounge.
Increase golf teaching revenue

Increase golf teaching revenue

Raise the profile of your range with the Entertainment Lounge. Weather-proof your lessons and use tech-enhanced teaching to attract more clients.
Durable and functional

Durable and functional

The Entertainment Lounge can handle wind loads up to 80mph. And the premium material will not allow for rips or tears.
Sheltered From 
The Rain

Sheltered From 
The Rain

Stay dry and continue your golf lessons, clinics, or mini camps uninterrupted, even during downpours.


Increase the sociability of your course and revenue from food and beverages rain or shine.
Golf Driving Range Covers Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions & Specifications

dryrainge icone
33′ X 24′ X 14’4″ and covers three hitting stations on your driving range.
dryrainge icone
Can withstand winds up to 80mph
dryrainge icone
All Dryrainge buildings are constructed of 23/8” hot dipped, galvanized structural steel tubing
dryrainge icone
Covers are made of 12.5 ounce woven polyethylene fabric


dryrainge icone
Portable design
dryrainge icone
No permitting required
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Additional opportunities for revenue

“This product is in a stand-alone category in the industry.”

“As golf professionals, we work in the elements, exposed constantly to UV rays from the sun. Skin cancer is a real risk, and one best mitigated by shade. I wanted to get the best defense I could find that was adaptable to my teaching needs and my course. I found it with Dryrainge.

This product is in a stand-alone category in the industry.
I have tried the competitors range covers, but none of them gave me the flexibility and features of Dryrainge. It’s very well made, easily movable and built for the comfort and safety of professionals and their students.”

Jim McLean, CEO Jim Mclean Golf School

Miami Beach Golf Club, Miami Beach, FL, USA


DryRainge Entertainment Lounge

Durability Meets Functionality

Designed to withstand up to 80mph winds, the Entertainment Lounge ensures stability and durability in any weather. And with it’s premium high-quality materials, your lounge wont rip or tear.
Golf Driving Range Covers
Audio Visual and Electronic Amenities in Golf Driving Range Covers

Audio Visual and Electronic Amenities

Equipping the Entertainment Lounge with essential AV capabilities, including launch monitor access, video technology, and large screen playback, enhances its value and ensures it pays for itself.
With six television mounts, it becomes effortless for students to review their swings, making your driving range more attractive for clinics and events.

No Permitting Necessary

The Entertainment Lounge eliminates the hassle of permits, offering an easy setup to improve the profile of your range. Ideal for hosting events or providing a comfortable viewing area, the lounge fits all your needs.
Portable Driving Range Cover
Increase Driving Range revenue

Increase Golf Teaching Revenue

Give your range a professional and appealing look, allowing staff to use technology in teaching while protecting everyone from weather elements. It ensures lessons and revenue aren't lost to rainy days.

Raise the profile  of your driving range

In just two weeks time you could have the entertainment lounge installed. Adding more functionality and revenue potential to your driving range.