High performing driving range covers

High Performance Platform

Increase revenue potential throughout any season

Give teaching professionals a location for covered golf school that can be used all year round. Never having to cancel a lesson - rain or shine
Get  an instant golf room created on the driving range that will elevate the profile of your course.
Play & teach all year long

Play & teach all year long

Eliminate weather-related cancellations, and bring in a steady flow of lessons and income throughout the year.
Increase golf teaching revenue

Increase golf teaching revenue

Raise the profile of your range with the Entertainment Lounge. Weather-proof your lessons and use tech-enhanced teaching to attract more clients.
UV Protection

UV Protection

Shield yourself and your members  from harmful UV rays with our specialized canopy.
driving range shade Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions & Specifications

dryrainge icone
20′ X 24′ X 14’4″giving you enough space for two hitting areas
dryrainge icone
Steel construction
dryrainge icone
Can withstand winds up to 100mph


dryrainge icone
Can solve power issues at golf driving range facilities
dryrainge icone
Year-round golf practice
dryrainge icone
No permitting required
dryrainge icone
Can withstand high winds and snow
dryrainge icone
Multi-unit or stand alone options are available
dryrainge icone
Door and floor customization options

“It’s a rock. The durability is incredible. It doesn’t move at all.”

“The construction is one of the things that drew me to Dryrainge in the first place. It had the reputation for being terrific in the worst weather but when it’s windy, and we get gusty, windy days coming in from the west and east here, I’ve seen it stand up to some pretty extreme wind conditions.

It’s a rock. The durability is incredible. It doesn’t move at all.

Being able to change the location and having fresh turf to hit off of every day is vital to the business. It allows previous locations to heal and naturally repair. The wheel system is really well done. The unit moves easily but anchors solidly in its new location.”

Michael Campbell, 2005 US Open Winner

Michael Campbell Golf Academy, Benhavis, Spain


High performance platform

Solid Construction

The DryRainge Performance Platform is built tough with solid steel, standing out from other canopies with its all-in-one design that includes closing doors for instant privacy. No need for concrete or, in many cases, permits—just double-check local rules. It laughs in the face of 100 mph winds and heavy snow, staying stable and undamaged.
covered driving range
Premium Driving Range Cover

AV and Electronic Customizations

Make sure your golfers get the best tech for their practice with the DryRainge Performance Platform. It's ready to fit all your needs, from launch monitors to digital displays showing stats. It's the ultimate spot for teaching and practice, drawing in more customers with top-notch technology.

Solar Powered Options

Go green with the DryRainge Performance Platform by adding solar panels. Ideal for ranges short on power, these panels keep your tech, like launch monitors and fitting gear, running smoothly.
Portable Driving Range Canopy
golf range cover with Door and Flooring Options

Door and Flooring Options

Looks count on your range. Pick the right doors and floors for your DryRainge Performance Platform to match your clubhouse style.It's unique with lockable doors and customizable flooring.
Plus, add heaters or fans to keep practice going all year, and stay dry through any drizzle.

Multiple Units

Need more space? No problem. Whether you're eyeing four or six hitting bays, you can link up multiple DryRainge Performance Platforms.
We're all about tailoring custom solutions for your range and practice areas. Stand out in the golf game with DryRainge.
covered golf driving range
Increase Driving Range revenue

Increased Revenue Potential

Keeping customers happy is key, but so is your bottom line. Canceling lessons or fittings due to weather or tech issues hurts financially.
The DryRainge Performance Platform makes your range a year-round facility, quickly paying for itself with increased revenue opportunities.

No Permitting Necessary

DryRainge solutions are designed for hassle-free installation, often without needing a permit. While it's smart to verify with local codes, these units don't need concrete and can be set up by your team.
With DryRainge, you dodge the extra paperwork and keep your focus on the game.
Increase Driving Range Usage

Create an instant structure for increased practice

Play, teach, and host mini camps all year long with the DryRainge Performance Platform. Get a quote to learn about all the customizable options available to you.