Our Customers

Our goal is to have every customer become a brand ambassador. The quality of the DryRainge product speaks for itself when the revenue at your driving range starts to increase considerably.

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Our Customers

Personal Representatives

Choosing covered hitting stations is a major decision, and we get that. At Dryrainge, you'll have a personal rep who knows their stuff inside and out. With years of experience and every golf scenario under their belt, they're ready to tackle any challenge you face—power, permits, weather, budget? Just say the word.

Feedback Requested for Future Product DevelopmenT

Your insights fuel our innovation at Dryrainge. We're always on the move, seeking your feedback to shape future products that go beyond what you expect. Your input is crucial for our continuous improvement and commitment to excellence.

Customers are Our Ambassadors

We know the real value of a Dryrainge system shines when it's in use. That's why we aim to make every customer an ambassador. Seeing the difference Dryrainge makes, we hope you'll share your experiences and help us spread the word. As we grow and develop new solutions, we're here to support golf facilities of all sizes.

Facilities of All Types

Whether you're a solo teaching pro, a private or public course, a resort, or an independent range, Dryrainge is for you. We're ready to support any setup you've got or plan to build. Plus, we can connect you with similar facilities for insights and inspiration for your golf center.

Customers are Our Ambassadors

Can't find exactly what you need on our site? Let's chat. Dryrainge specializes in crafting custom solutions for unique range or facility needs. Our vast industry experience means we're pros at thinking creatively to meet your requirements. Check out our customer testimonials and don't hesitate to get in touch for more info or help.

Keep you and your member on the course and protected from the elements