What material do you use to build a DryRainge?
  • All Dryrainge buildings are constructed of 23/8” hot dipped, galvanized structural steel tubing.
  • Covers are made of 12.5 ounce woven polyethylene fabric.
What is the advantage of using woven polyethylene as compared to other fabrics?
  • Our covers have superior strength-to-weight ratio, providing four times the tear strength of 22oz PVC fabric.
  • Dryrainge covers are waterproof, abrasion resistant, and shield 95% of UV rays.
Can I customize the colour of my Dryrainge unit?

Standard Dryrainge covers are green. Color options are available for an additional charge. Please contact us for further details.

How much does a Dryrainge weigh?
  • Teachers Edition: 1,000 pounds
  • Members Edition: 1,200 pounds
  • Entertainment Unit: 2,400 pounds


Do you provide payment plans for purchasing a Dryrainge?

Lease to own arrangements can be made through our financial partner. Please contact us for lease options.

How much does a Dryrainge cost?

Please contact us for a unit quote. Discounts are available on multi-unit orders.


Will I require a building permit?

Dryrainge units have been designed to be modular and semi-portable. Permitting is typically not required.

How long does it take to assemble a Dryrainge?

Dryrainge Teacher Edition, Members Edition and Entertainment Lounge can be assembled and installed in under 8 hours.

Do you provide assembly?

Dryrainge installation is available for additional charge.

Do I require special equipment to assemble a DryRainge?

Common hand tools will be required for assembly of all units, and a forklift will be required for Entertainment Lounge installation.


How long will it take to receive my Dryrainge?

All orders are processed upon payment, and deliveries can be expected within two weeks.

How much is shipping for a Dryrainge?

Shipping costs vary from country to country. Please contact us for a quote to your area.


How does Dryrainge function in the wind?

Properly anchored, smaller Dryrainge units are tested to withstand winds up to 60 miles per hour, and Entertainment Lounges will withstand winds up to 80 miles per hour.

How does Dryrainge function in the sun/heat?

Dryrainge covers are shield 95% of UV rays, and also provide superior fade resistance and durability.

How does Dryrainge function in the rain?

Dryrainge covers are completely waterproof.

Can I add lighting to a Dryrainge?

Yes. Each Dryrainge model can be fitted with lighting as required to maximize daily use.

Can you control the temperature inside a Dryrainge?

Each Dryrainge model can be fitted with fans and/or heaters to increase player comfort and extend the golf season.

Can I install AV equipment inside a Dryrainge?
  • All Entertainment Units can be fitted with up to nine television mounts to allow lesson review, play instructional video, operate virtual golf systems or stream other entertainment.
  • Smaller Dryrainge units have multiple anchor points for mounting televisions and other value-add assets, such as speakers, training tools, lights and fans.

Can Dryrainge only be used for golf?

Although designed to meet the demands of golf professionals, Dryrainge can easily be used to shelter other sport, spectator areas or commercial/recreational activity.

Can I attach signage or banners on a Dryrainge?

Yes. Each Dryrainge unit is manufactured with placements for six customizable 2’ X 8’ vinyl ad panels.

How durable is a Dryrainge?
  • The steel frame construction will withstand decades of use. While extreme weather conditions will affect the longevity of the fabric tarp, customers can expect many years of use before replacement is required.
  • The first Dryrainge unit sold 20 years ago is still in active use at Morgan Creek, British Columbia. The tarp was replaced after about 15 years.

Warranty & Care

How do I clean a Dryrainge unit?

Dryrainge is easily cleaned with a pressure washer at low psi.

What do I do if my Dryrainge cover gets damaged?

Although unusual, accidents can happen on the course that may damage the cover. Small tears can be easily repaired with a patch kit. Replacement covers are also available. Please contact the company for information.

Does Dryrainge provide a warranty?

With evidence of recommended concrete anchoring, units are warrantied for winds up to 60mph.

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