Attract the Most Casual of Golfers

Core golfers we got. What the game needs is more of them.

Graduating casual players into core players or turning people into new golf consumers though can be a process. It requires fun, engaging experiences where the environment is comfortable and relaxed; pressure to perform is non-existent and the atmosphere is kept light and void of expectation.

The range is a conduit to this recruitment. It's become golf's welcome mat.Adding to the player ranks was never the intended purpose of this space but the range has embraced its promotional role within the game and the industry continues to benefit.

Owners and operators understand this better than ever. They appreciate how casual golfers can be intimidated out on the golf course trying to learn a hard game.Investing in a quality, range cover solution to keep the elements out, and in launch monitor/simulator technology to raise the level of fun is making an impression. Casual golfers are taking notice too. They appreciate the invitation golf is extending through the range and the efforts being made on their behalf.

The game has plenty of room on its bandwagon. Seems like an ideal time for casual and new golfers to jump on.

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