Control the Teaching Environment with Dryrainge

Your students all have goals.

Beginners are absorbing the fundamentals and getting a feel for their clubs. They delight in getting the ball airborne and worry that people take notice of their chunked shots. You admire their determination and willingness to tackle a tough game and want them to feel comfortable and safe as they learn.

For your more skilled pupils, it's about the next steps.Maybe they've come to the lesson tee wanting more speed; a better impact condition; improved swing sequencing or simply because they have hit a wall in a quest to break 80 and realize they can't get through it on their own.It doesn't matter, really.

The point is all of these students come to you for help. You're the facilitator of their goals, the influencer, and there isn't anything you won't do to get them where they want to go with their game.Including the teaching environment you provide.

A range cover sets the stage for a focused, comfortable lesson. It mitigates weather-related variables like wind, rain, and scorching sun to help you and your students stay focused on the process.It's like a classroom, a designated area of higher golf learning. Members and guests respect the place. They know not to interrupt. At the same time they might be asking themselves:"What I missing in there? Can this Pro make me better?"

Let the range cover be your workshop, with club fitting tools and teaching aids at the ready. Introduce launch monitor technology or high speed motion-capture software to add to the atmosphere and calibre of experience.If a technology-forward golf laboratory is what you are trying to create, a range cover provides an infrastructure solution. Not only does it protect you, your students, your appointment book - since you never have to cancel a lesson - but also the equipment that validates your knowledge and intuitive swing insights.Students have goals and so do you. Introduce a range cover to your teaching environment to set yourself up for success.

Protect your members and students from the elements with DryRainge