Customize your Driving Range

Does size matter?

If you plan to invest in a range cover for your facility it does. Customizing your unit to best suit operations while accounting for client and staff comfort is a unique balance, one you want to get right.

Too small can limit revenue potential and not allow a provision for future expansion; too big is a waste of money and space allocation that minimizes your return on investment.

For a range cover to be its most effective an honest appraisal of how you want it to function prior to delivery should be a priority. Don't take that on alone. Get staff feedback. Talk to customers.

If the plan calls for 'private lessons only' it might be wise to have your range cover downsized to meet the specific needs of a one-on-one environment.

If you want to engage in club fittings, group lessons or install a simulator for evening entertainment a premium should be placed on building-in additional square footage, not only to maximize the cover's multipurpose potential but to ensure your range remains a positive experience each time a customer or client visits your facility.Remember options are limited only by imagination. Building a range cover to suit your business plan not only will help you to stay on schedule, with no lost days, but a customized unit offers value-added returns for everyone's comfort and enjoyment.

Yes. When it comes to a range cover size does matter.

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