Entertainment Golf for your Driving Range

Changing the range narrative. That's what entertainment golf is doing for the industry these days.

Technology infused & consumer focused this growing category has course owners and operators turning the range into its own unique and memorable experience.

Creating an interactive environment cultivated for social interaction has a big upside. Doing so gives members a reason - or an excuse - to stay at the club longer; to hit more balls, order more food and beverages, and spend additional quality time with family and friends.What do golfers want most? More golf, of course.

For the club it's an opportunity. New revenue streams in this game are tough to come by. Entertainment golf is helping to maximize profitability by speaking directly to the bottom line. That's not all. It's a value-added proposition for members and guests.

Date night at the club instead of a movie? Pretty cool option, right?

To get started your guests need protection. A quality built range cover assures everyone's comfort. It also provides the necessary infrastructure support to keep sensitive simulator equipment, monitors, and lighting functioning to peak efficiency.

Keeping the elements out keeps the fun in.No longer is the range just a place at the course for warming up or practice. Golf's entertainment sector is changing the conversation. It's putting forward a bold new option for the range with a cover solution to suit any facility.How about yours?

Protect your members and students from the elements with DryRainge