Make your Golf Days Longer

Hours of operation for your range no longer need to be dictated by hours of daylight.

Simulators and launch monitors have become the latest innovations for a facility to extend hours and generate additional income well after the sun goes down.

Heading to the range after dinner and staying past dark is fast becoming a cool way for members and guests to spend time and have fun with family or friends.Whether it's an 18-hole simulator round over drinks and appetizers; an interactive game of 'Closest to the Pin', or a bucket of balls (or two) while receiving launch monitor feedback there is something unique about experiencing golf in an evening setting.

Courses are now using this advanced level of technology and accompanying infrastructure to host fun member events and corporate outings.Think about it: No limits on time allow golfers to have what golfers want most - more golf.

Longer days can help club and teaching professionals too. For that client who works odd shifts or travels a lot the option of an evening lesson could be just what they're looking for. How about arranging a Demo Night instead of a Demo Day?

What was that again about additional income?

Making the decision to extend range hours is about an investment in opportunity. Outside-the-box in a traditional sense but chasing the sun no longer has to apply to your range facility.

Forward thinking is removing the barrier of time to play or practice or just hang out with fellow golfers.Imagine the upside of combining "No Lost Days" with "No Lost Nights".

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